The Best Cup of Coffee

I had the pleasure of sitting with a nice couple Friday night at a banquet. I had a lot of fun talking with the wife and witnessed something that made my heart smile.

The woman was telling me about how they have gone to so many of these dinner things and how she has mastered them. She gave me tips such as to ask for coffee before dinner is over so that you can actually enjoy it with dessert. She said she always scopes the table for the creamer and of course the dessert options.

So the part that made my heart smile was when dinner was letting up her husband told the waiter to come with coffee for his wife’s cup. After the coffee arrived, he immediately found the creamer and poured some in her cup of coffee.

What I love is that he had no idea she and I had the conversation we did and yet he knew these things about her and took care of them without her even asking or motioning. He wanted to serve her and knew what was important to her. I love seeing when couples know the little things about each other. Anyone can buy a gift…to be known and shown that you are known…that’s priceless and requires effort. Words are words…but observations and actions are intentional.

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