Deep in the Woods: Burn Your Ships


Don’t go in timid…you are more likely to get hurt. You will find yourself not focusing on making wise decisions but rather trying not to make wrong ones. You will second guess yourself and panic at the most crucial moment.

This is how you should go into marriage. Not timid but confident. The focus shouldn’t be on trying not to make mistakes but instead focusing on making wise decisions.

The truth is at some point you are going to make a mistake; you are going to fail. Mistakes and failures go hand and hand with life. They produce experience. If we didn’t make mistakes then we would be perfect. If we were perfect we wouldn’t need Jesus.

One time I heard the story about Captain Hernán Cortés burning his ships after arriving in Veracruz. The speaker linked the story to how we should go into a marriage. No plan b. Survive or die. I absolutely love this picture of the dedication that should go into a marriage.

In sickness and in health til death do us part…let us burn our ships together.

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