I believe when a life changing event happens you get a restart…what you choose to do with this is very important. You can decide to allow circumstances to destroy you or you can rise above. The circumstance will either be quicksand or a launch pad to your future. You decide. Choose to be a victor not a victim.

Hi! My name is Amy! I’m an earthly traveler hiking my way to my Heavenly home. I live out each day’s adventures in God’s amazing grace.
I have a bunny named Benji.
He is one of the greatest gifts in my life.
I am a runner. I ran a 4:11:01 marathon in 2016 and afterwards I decided I would stick to half marathons. In 2017, I plan to run 6 half marathons. 5 will be around national state parks all around the country.
I began mountain biking at the beginning of 2017 and instantly fell in love with the sport.
I plan to do some traveling with my bike.
This sport has brought so much joy and revelation to my life and it has been an awesome cross training activity!
I also really enjoy off-roading. So far driving the ATV has been my favorite.
I LOVE to be outside in nature. I also really like to travel and see new places. I am always up for an adventure!
I am an artist of all sorts of different mediums. I love to reflect and dig deep. I have had quite a few life changing experiences happen over the past few years that have truly molded me into a new and better person. I like to write about what I’ve learned and what I am currently learning.